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Every customer recommended by you with our affiliate program, we will pay you lucrative commissions.

Lifetime Provision Permanent Commission

Unlike many other affiliate programs, we not only pay a one-time commission, but as long as the customer remains SaaS Secure.com!

Lukrative Provision Amount of commission

The amount of commission and how often the commission will be credited depends on the type of product, as well as mediated the duration and possible additional articles to the product.
We'll pay the first payment of 50% and each subsequent payment of the referred customers, 10% of its net sales!

An example:
A customer comes through your personal affiliate link to our site and ordered a Redmine Enterprise with 12 months duration.
Once the customer has paid his first invoice, you will receive a credit of EUR 252.
In 12 months, the customer with receive yet another invoice and when this is paid you will receive EUR 50.
And so on, and so on - just as long as the customer stays with us.

Affiliate Anmeldung Sign Up

If you do not have an account with us, you can easily order and free access to our affiliate program here.
The access to our customer, we send you promptly after a short check.
At the customer you'll get your personal affilate link or you choose one of our advertising materials (banners) and you can instantly convey your first customer.

Auszahlung der Provision jederzeit möglich Auszahlung

The payment of the credit you can initiate at any time, but maximum every 20 days.
A minimum balance must not be acquired to cause a withdrawal.