ownCloud Hosting

ownCloud | Your Personal Cloud Storage

  • ownCloud hosting exclusively in German data centers
  • You are an administrator with all authorizations in ownCloud
  • Flexible storage - expandable at any time
  • SSL encryption of all your data
  • Unlimited Users
  • Share your files, calendar and contacts with friends and family
  • No limitation in the ownCloud Apps
  • Daily backup of all your data
  • Access from anywhere and at any time with your browser, smartphone, PC or tablet

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ownCloud Hosting 2.0

only 9.99€/Month

7000MB Space included
Storage expandable at any time
Traffic Flatrate
Unlimited Users
Any ownCloud Apps available
SSL encryption of all data
Daily backups included

15% discount with annual payment
Instead 9.99€/Month only 8.49€

ownCloud Hosting 2.0

What do I get? What is already included?

ownCloud hosting provides a simple way share and synchronize files through a web interface, sync client (apps for desktop, Android and iOS) and WebDAV. Nearly every function is conceivable in our ownCloud hosting thanks to the many available ownCloud Apps.
Each ownCloud installation gets its own unique URL and by us. This gap own ownCloud in the browser or the device apps can be opened. If necessary, an additional own domain can be used in addition to our URL. More information about Domain Alias you can find here.
In ownCloud hosting the SSL encryption is included, the data are thus always transferred encrypted. The use of your own domain and your own SSL certificate is possible.
With the Customer you can extend at any time your current ownCloud hosting with available options, such as space upgrade. The access data to customer center are send shortly after the setup of your ownCloud hosting.
Are updates for ownCloud available, they are installed promptly after successful testing by us.

ownCloud Hosting - file and document share

Share Your Files

Send password-protected links to others, so others can upload files to your ownCloud and receive a notification to your mobile phone.
Edit documents together in a team, receive video calls on your own ownCloud hosting and comment and share images with others.

owncloud hosting - online document editing

Edit Documents

ownCloud Documents allows collaborative editing of rich text documents.
Up to 5 user can edit together a odt or doc file in there browser.
The documents can then be shared in ownCloud or via a public link.

owncloud hosting - calendar and contacts

Calendar & Contacts

Share your calendar with other users or groups on your ownCloud hosting, quickly and easily. Save your contacts in ownCloud and synchronize these with all your devices, so you always have access to the contact information of friends, family and colleagues.

owncloud hosting - anywher and everywhere

Anytime Access

Whether browser, smartphone app, or directly in Windows via WebDAV - syncing files with your ownCloud hosting.
And with your ownCloud hosting you can easily define what you share with whom!

Hosting on Real Hardware

Because we know that power and performance are important, we do not use virtualization.
All the economic benefits of virtualization in defiance we decided already in 2013, not to use virtual systems more. Therefore you benefit as a hosting customer of lightning quick responses from the server, incredible processing speed and of course the extremely high reliability.

Benefits of ownCloud hosting

Our ownCloud Hosting saves time and money, because you have not to buy expensive hardware and install software with regularly maintenance. The result is a turnkey ownCloud Hosting with all possibilities for use and extend.
The ownCloud Hosting is available with different subscription (1 - 12 month) and can be adapted optimally to the budget.
After the trial phase or at end of the term, you will receive an invoice which can then settled comfortably by PayPal or bank transfer.
If the ownCloud Hosting is no longer needed, a notice is sufficient to stop the renew process. This must be done no later than 30 days before expiry of the term. The termination of hosting can be sent in writing by post or email or directly through our customer center. Without a present notice the term will be extended automatically. An extra order for the continuation of the ownCloud Hosting is not required.

Sparen Sie Zeit und Kosten mit Helpdesk Hosting

Data Security

Simply working carefree with our ready to use and secure SaaS Hosting solutions.
Besides the usual encrypted Hosting backups to external systems, the data are also secure against view of stranger because every Hosting runs in a separate container. Direct access from a container on the data of another container is not possible and a system-wide firewall cares about the further partitioning of Hosting-Systems outwards.


Hosting Made In Germany

We operate all our systems exclusively in German data centers.
Of course this applies equally to our backup storage for continuous backup of customer data. The backups are encrypted and distributed to our backup server. Also all of these backup systems are available exclusively in German data centers.
So all your data is safe and protected because we are subject and comply with the strict European and German data protection laws.

Hosting made in Germany

Free and Without Obligation

Our ownCloud Hosting can be tested free of charge and without obligation. Do you wish to use the product after the test continues, you need to do nothing. The test Hosting is automatically converted to a regular Hosting.
Thus you can continue to work directly with your ownCloud hosting.

Not convinced with your trial?
Are you still not convinced, you can always end the test from the customer center and all your data will be deleted.


ownCloud Hosting 2.0

only 9.99€/Month

All prices are final prices and in Euro.