Intrusion Prevention System from the Cloud

Prevent is rather than cure or how to secure servers effectively and at an affordable price?

A firewall is the solution?

Intrusion Prevention System in the Cloud

An Intrusion Prevention System - short IPS can be implemented with a firewall, of course. This is certainly the most effective form fend off potential intruders from a server. No one can then, for example, to access the port 22 for SSH.

But what about the services like FTP, email and HTTP, which is to offer the server?

With the traditional firewall protection these ports remain open, of course, and that's the problem!
Through these open services now have potential attackers the opportunity to gain access to the server. Attacker first test password lists on ports attempts or search for web application vulnerabilities such as WordPress, brings no success, a brute force attack takes place or the attacker is testing whether any security updates are missing.
Whether the server is then used as a server for software pirates after a successful break-in or downloaded all the data of the server and can be abused, no one can know.
In the simplest case, but which occurs quite frequently, the attacker starts a DOS attack against one of your Server services.

Chances to crack a server and gain access, is more than 50%!

With our software-based IPS solution "CLIPS", you secure any number of servers from attacks and that at an unbeatable price.
If an intrusion attempt on a connected server be recognized, automatic the affected system and all others connected servers to CLIPS be protected from the attacker.
CLIPS gives you the chance, the attacker to be one step ahead, because CLIPS secure your server against attackers who have already made attempts to attack other servers.
So, instead of protecting only the attacked server, as happens with conventional IPS, all your servers from attacks are automatically protected and even already before you were attacked. So you prevent proactive intrusion attempts. Our IPS solution can be extended at any time on various services. The Reporting and stored actions can be individually tailored to your needs.


Increase the security of your servers with our pro-active safety solution "Cloud-IPS"!

Cloud-IPS Features

Intrusion Prevention

Prevent intrusion into your servers and therefore secure your data and assets.
Protects servers from the first moment and is adaptable to any server service.

Intrusion Prevention


Protects any number of servers and continues to be active even on failure of the central database. Each server can at any time become the central system.
Automatically synchronizes connected systems as they become accessible.

IPS centralised

Increase Uptime

Increases system availability and productivity through the automatic exclusion of interferers. Zero-day vulnerabilities results not immediately to the threat.

Server Uptime increase

Stops unknown threats

Typical attack patterns are detected and punished immediately. High protection against botnets and DOS attacks.

lock attackers


Comprehensive security

Our intrusion prevention system is based on proven methods and applications and makes it simple to use and operate.

Shielding vulnerabilities

Preventive protection against exploits and zero-day vulnerabilities. Administrators gain more time to install system updates and test them.

Low cost

There is no additional hardware required, which limits the number of possible servers. The existing servers take over the defense of the attackers themselves.

System Requirements

The operating system Linux is assumed. The distribution and version does not matter.
Furthermore, a MySQL servers version 5 (central System) PHP version 5 and a web server is required.

On Premise or from Cloud

On Premise

In the stand-alone variant, all components are installed on your own servers.
The installation of the decentralized IPS component on the servers can be carried out by us or by yourself.
The central IPS component is installed by us at your server and also serviced on request.
A briefing, updates and support by us for the next 12 months are included.


Cloud Solution

The installation of the decentralized IPS component on the servers can be done by us or by yourself.
The central IPS component is served on our highly available systems and is accessible for you at any time via the Web Interface. You can then independently create reports, add servers and manage your white-list.
Updates and support you get during your entire subscription.


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