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Redmine Hosting

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Flexible Disk Space
  • Variable Number Of Users
  • Unlimited Redmine Projects
  • Unlimited SVN/Git Repositories
  • Full Administrative Permissions
  • Instant Access
  • Free Trial

Helpdesk Hosting

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Flexible Disk Space
  • Unlimited Redmine Projects
  • Variable Number Of Users
  • Unlimited Customers and Issues
  • Full Administrator Rights
  • Instant Access
  • Free Trial

SVN Hosting

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Flexible SVN Disk Storage
  • Unlimited User
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Daily Backups
  • Instant Access
  • Free Trial

Our Application at your personal Server?

We know that on-premises application deployment, like Redmine for example on your own local server, is very popular for different reasons.
And that's why we are able to install any of our hosted applications, also on your local server.
Just get in contact with us to talk about details for the setup. Also the maintenance for your on-premises applications is possible with us.


GDPR Compliant Data Security

Simply working carefree with our ready to use and secure SaaS Hosting solutions.
Besides the usual encrypted Hosting backups to external systems, the data are also secure against view of stranger because every Hosting runs in a separate container.
We undertake to comply with your data according to the European data protection law, "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR for short).


Benefits of Hosting

Our SaaS hosting saves time and money, because you have not to buy expensive hardware and install software with regularly maintenance. Maximum flexibility and cost efficiency - Choose to your requirements and budget matching duration and pay easily via PayPal or bank transfer.
We offer our hosting with various terms and provide a comfortable short notice of only 30 days to end of term. Without notice, the term will be automatically renewed.


Hosting Made In Germany

We operate all our systems exclusively in German data centers.
Of course this applies equally to our backup storage for continuous backup of customer data. The backups are encrypted and distributed to our backup server. Also all of these backup systems are available exclusively in German data centers.
So all your data is safe and protected because we are subject and comply with the strict European and German data protection laws.

Hosting made in Germany

Start your Free Trial without any obligation

All of our products you can try for free and without obligation to pay. If you wish to use the product after the trial, you need to do nothing. The trial is automatically converted to a regular hosting product.

Not convinced with our Application Hosting?
Are you still not convinced, you can always cancel the trial in the customer center and all your data will be deleted.


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Combine email and Redmine

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Centralize Fail2Ban

The first part and the second part of this HowTo, shows how fail2ban can IP addresses of attacks to be stored in a central database.