Hosting FAQ's

+ additional information and online tools

Here we have gathered information about our hosting products and compiled thematically.
You will also find additional online tools and articles on problems and their solutions.

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Secure web hosting

We want to share our experiences and ways to build secure hosting without spending huge sums of money.
Our HowTo for a way to secure web hosting.

Solve DegradedArray Event Problem

It can happen at any time - suddenly you get the message "DegradedArray event on /dev/md1".
What now?
This article describes how to solve the problem of a DegradedArray Event.

Redmine and Helpdesk Hosting FAQ

The most frequently asked questions and answers about the offered SaaS Redmine Hosting and SaaS Helpdesk Hosting.
Continue to Redmine Hostingand Helpdesk Hosting FAQ.

SVN Hosting FAQ

The most frequently asked questions and answers about our SVN hosting / Subversion Hosting.
Continue to SVN Hosting FAQ.

ownCloud - How To Disable Code Integrity Check

Do you know the problem of code integrity check after a restore to another server?
This article describes how to Disable Code Integrity Check for ownCloud.

Fail2ban centralize - Step 1 of 2 (Master)

Fail2ban is very suitable for individual servers to secure, but there is innately no way to notify a bad IP also to another servers.
This article describes how to forward the determined IP by Fail2ban to another server.
We use Server defaults, like PHP and MySql. It's very easy - have a look how to centralize Fail2ban.

Fail2ban centralize - Step 2 of 2 (Slave)

Described in this How To, is a very simple way how to read the attacker IP addresses from a central database and forward to Fail2Ban.
Effectively block attackers on all systems - Controlled centralized Fail2Ban.

Base64 online

Base64 2-way online - Encodes text into Base64 or Base64 into text.
Click here for Base64 online Encoder / Decoder.

Redmine Hosting for Free

If you may not need own workflows, tracker, etc., you can find with our free Redmine Hosting a good starting point to Project Management with Redmine.
Click here for Free Redmine Hosting with Git / SVN included.

Detailed list of TCP/IP Ports

A list of the most popular TCP/IP ports.
Click here for detailed list of TCP/IP Ports.

Keyboard Codes

Use keyboard codes in Javascript? This table and the example javascript help with the first steps.
Click here for Keyboard Codes.

HTTP Statuscodes

A list of the most popular server-response and status code.
Click here for HTTP Statuscodes.

What is my IP address online tool?

If you want to find out your own current IP address quickly, this service is the right thing.
Click here to show my IP.


Check out our online tool to get the IP address or domain to a server.
Click here for nsLookUp Online.

SVN Backup and Restore

HowTo backup easiest one SVN repository.
Equally important , how to make a Restore.
Read: How To make a SVN Backup and Restore.

Dump Multiple SVN Repositories at Once

A easy and simple shell script to dump and compress all SVN repositories from a folder.
Read: How To Dump and Compress Multiple SVN Repositories.

Apache / SVN

How to configure an Apache vhost to be accessed directly from a domain to a SVN repository.
Continue to Apache vhost with SVN.

Own Domain and SSL

With our SaaS applications, you always have the opportunity to use your own Domain.
However, then the problem is that our SSL certificate does not match your domain. As a rule, the browser will acknowledge this with a warning. See how to handle this and use your own certificate for your domain.