Terms of business

Our terms and conditions are aimed at the business relationship between you and the S.Ruttloff, Computer Hard- & Software. Basis of service usage , order and a contract must therefore always have the following terms and conditions of S.Ruttloff, Computer Hard- & Software, they are aware of and involvement with an order you agree with us and confirm.

Section I: General Provisions

1. Scope changes , contract start
1.1 These terms and conditions of Firma S.Ruttloff, Computer Hard- & Software (hereafter called provider) apply to all services of the provider. In Section I (General Provisions) , you will find conditions that apply to all services. n Sections II (web hosting and domain names), you will find conditions that each individual in addition to the services. The rules for each service are valid even if under a contract multiple services are provided together.
1.2 The vendor provides all services subject to these Terms and Conditions. This is especially true if the customer uses and these Terms and Conditions conflict with or contain other terms and conditions listed here. Nor should the listed terms and conditions, if the provider aware of conflicting or deviating terms and conditions listed here from the customer's order without reservation.
1.3 The provider may amend these terms and conditions with a reasonable notice period. If the customer objects to the modification within a deadline set by the supplier, the amendment shall be deemed approved. The provider customers in the change notice indicates that the change will be effective if it fails to appeal within the prescribed period.
1.4 The full text of the Terms may be the provider of the release of a link is known, under which the full text is available on the Internet.
1.5 A contract requires the provision of complete and correct data.
1.6 The contract is with the activation of the access code obtained by the provider concluded the main part of the contract.

Cancellation policy
They can meet their contractual declaration within 14 days without stating reasons in writing (eg letter, fax, e-mail) is revoked. The period starts upon receipt of this instruction in text form, but not before the conclusion of the contract and not before fulfilling our information obligations pursuant to Article 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 para. 1 and 2 draft Law, as well as our obligations in accordance with § 312e para. 1 sentence 1 BGB EGBGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3.
The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation. The revocation is sent to: S.Ruttloff, Computer Hard- und Software - Morgensternstr.15 - 04179 Leipzig, Germany.
In case of effective revocation, the mutually received benefits and possibly towed uses (eg interest) surrendered. They can return the received performance in whole or in part, or to return only in a deteriorated condition, they may have to pay compensation. This can cause them the contractual payment obligations for the period up to meet withdrawal. Obligations to reimburse payments must be made within 30 days. The time begins with receiving the declaration of revocation for us with their.

Special instructions:
Their right of withdrawal expires prematurely if the contract is fulfilled by both sides to express their wishes in full before they have exercised their right of withdrawal.

End of withdrawal

The foregoing is not right to cancel if the legal transaction of their business or professional activity can be attributed to and / or have the contract completed in a retail store.

2. Provider's services
2.1 The scope of each service is derived from the time of the order date description of the service.
2.2 The availability of the provider's server and data paths to the transfer point to the Internet (backbone) is at least 99% annual average. The provider informs the customer that can cause limitations or impairments of the services of their services, which are beyond the control of the provider. This includes in particular acts of third parties not acting on behalf of the provider, not the provider of the Internet and technical conditions of force majeure. Similarly, also used by the customer hardware and software and technical infrastructure (eg broadband connection from another provider) have influence on the performance of the provider. Where such circumstances affect the availability or functionality of the vendors have provided power, this has no effect on the conformity of the service rendered by the provider.
2.3 The provider performs regularly in its systems for security of the operation and maintenance of services, including maintenance. For this purpose, the provider may suspend performance under consideration of the needs of the customer or temporarily restricted. The maintenance provider shall, whenever possible, be carried out in periods of little. If major suspension or restriction may be necessary, the provider of the customer about the nature, extent and duration of the impairment will be teaching before.
2.4 The Provider may modify its services as far as taking into account the interests of the customer and the provider for the customer is unreasonable.
2.5 If necessary and reasonable for the customer looks for a change eg by re-entering credentials or minor adjustments to its systems.

3. Terms of payment
3.1 Using Independent fees are payable for the duration of the contract in advance.
3.2 Usage-based charges are due after the end of each billing period. Usage-based fees are based on the current price list, which determines the provider at its own discretion.
3.3 The provider makes any payment to provide an electronic invoice in the customer service area. A statement sent by e-mail is free. If the customer requests the postal invoice may require the provider to charge a fee of 2.99 per invoice.
3.4 The Provider may change the prices at the beginning of the next contract period with a reasonable notice period of one month. If the customer objects to the modification within a reasonable time set by the supplier, the amendment shall be deemed approved. The provider customers in the change notice indicates that the change will be effective if he does not object.
3.5 counterclaims of the provider, the customer may set off only against undisputed or legally established counterclaims.
3.6 If the customer defaults, may terminate the services of the provider of the customer.
3.7 of the customer falls for two consecutive months with the payment of a substantial portion of the payment or in a more than two-month period with an amount equal to one monthly payment, in default of the supplier, the contract for cause may, without observing 'notice. An important reason for termination without notice exists in particular, even if insolvency proceedings are initiated against the assets of the customer, or the opening will be rejected due to insufficient assets.
3.8 All payments to be made will be processed through the credit account of the customer. The customer has to take care to ensure that upcoming domain renewals and services, for an appropriate balance. Informed about upcoming extensions of the provider customers 30 days before admission. If the time required for the renewal fee is not being received on the customer, the provider has the right to suspend the relevant service or delete them.

4. Obligations of the Customer
4.1 The customer is obliged to provide necessary information completely and correctly and changes without delay. This applies particularly to the address data and the e-mail address.
4.2 The vendors can provide information and explanations regarding the contract, send the e-mail address of the customer. The customer is the e-mail address that serves as a contact address, check it regularly.
4.3 The Customer undertakes to keep the allocated passwords and other credentials carefully secret. He is obliged to pay for those services that use third parties about his credentials and passwords, or order, unless he has control over this.
4.4 The client backs up all data that he plays on the provider's server, external to other media. In the event of data loss, the customer is again the relevant data sets free of charge transferred to the server of the provider.

5. Liability of the provider
5.1 For the damage is liable only for intent or gross negligence of the provider or one of his assistants. Should the supplier or any of the agents of an essential contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) in a contract that endangers way, the liability to the typical damage is limited, the unforeseeable by the provider of contract reasonable, unless the breach is intentional or grossly negligent.
5.2 This limitation does not apply for injury to life, limb and / or health and any liability under the Product Liability Act.

6. Data sharing
6.1 The provider collects and processes data in accordance with statutory data protection rules. Information, see the privacy statement .
6.2 in order to design the service to meet customer, the customer agrees that the use of the services is logged. The collected data will be treated confidentially to the provider.

7. Copyright, ownership of title
7.1 The provider gives the customer on his own and others made available to software programs or scripts at a time one the term of the respective contract with limited right of use. It is not permitted to grant third party rights. In particular, a sale is therefore not allowed. The customer shall delete provided Software after termination of the contract and no further use. For open source programs do not apply these provisions, it will only find the relevant license conditions of use.
7.2 In all other respects the licensing terms of their respective owners.
7.3 The contents provided by vendors, text, images, animations, video and audio materials for use by the customer during the term of the contract for the design of the contractual Internet presence. It is not permitted to grant third party rights. After termination of the contract, the materials are to be deleted.
7.4 Hardware, software and other goods until full payment of the corresponding property of the vendor invoice.

8. Contract period, termination
8.1 Where are the specific offer states otherwise, the contract is extended automatically by the respective minimum term / first term of the contract, unless it is terminated by either party upon one month for each maturity. If the first contract period longer than one year extension periods are each a year.
8.2 You can cancel in writing. This can be e-mail, here are being taken to a confirmation of cancellation within 48 hours or be delivered by mail or fax.
The contract may be terminated effective even on the customer service area, provided this option is available.
8.3 The Customer may terminate at any time to his credit account. The refund will be made by the customer to a designated account. Resulting charges to the customer.

9.Jurisdiction, Applicable Law
The exclusive venue for all disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be Leipzig, if the customer is a businessman, a legal entity under public law or public law special fund. For all claims of any kind arising out of or in connection with this contract, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

Section II: Special rules for domain names and web hosting

1. Contract
1.1 The contract concerning the registration of the domain comes directly between the customer and the Contracting Authority or the Registrar. The provider instructs the registration of domains in the framework of an agency relationship for the customer, unless the provider is not itself a registrar for the respective Top Level Domain (TLD).
1.2 The top-level domains are registered and managed by different organizations. For each top-level domain are different award conditions, which can be found at the respective registrars.
1.3 The data for the registration of domain names will be forwarded to an automated process to the respective registries. The customer can expect a real allocation only if the Internet service was provided under the desired domain. A guarantee for the allocation of ordered domains can not be assumed.

2. Obligations of the Customer
2.1 The Customer shall upon registration, transfer and deletion of domains, contribute to the change of entries in the databases of the registries and registrars when changing providers and to a reasonable extent.
2.2 The customer is responsible for violating its domain (s) and its contents are neither legal rules nor rights of others. The provider indicates that, where appropriate, especially for international domains, other national laws must be observed.
2.3 The Customer undertakes not to offer any domains or content for retrieval, the extremist (especially right-wing extremist) nature or contain pornographic or commercial erotic services. This applies even if such content through hyperlinks or other connections that the customer relies on third party sites are made available.
2.4 The sending of spam mails is prohibited. This particular sending illegal, unsolicited advertising to third parties. When sending e-mails, it is forbidden to give false sender information or to conceal the identity of the sender by other means. The customer is obliged to make clear in this character of commercial communications by designing the e-mail.
2.5 The Customer shall ensure to exceed unlimited quantities included services not provided an exceedance is not contracted. If the provider determines that the traffic volume is a customer of a hosting package that exceeds the corresponding ratio provided under contract in one month by more than 10 percent, they will inform the customer thereof. You can then offer the customer the next higher contractual relationship (eg, a superior web hosting package) with a correspondingly higher traffic volume to complete. If an offer to a change in the next higher contractual relationship will be rejected by the customer, the provider may terminate the contract with a period of two weeks.
2.6 is an alternative to the landlord on traffic violations after 2.5 is a special right of termination with a notice period of three weeks.
2.7 according to the respective conditions for registering a domain specified data are found to be false and the provider can not contact the customer at the dates indicated, the provider may have to delete the domain.

3. Rights violations and threats
3.1 If third parties substantiate that violate content of a site or domain on their rights, or where it seems the basis of objective evidence than likely that by domains or content laws are violated, the provider's website blocked as long as the violation of law or conflict with the third party continues for the violation.
3.2 If the potential violation of law committed by a domain, the provider may also take steps to make the domain inaccessible. In cases where it appears the breach by a domain basis of objective evidence to be safe, the provider may terminate the contract immediately.
3.3 If extremist, pornographic or commercial erotic content rather than the provider can make express only one blocking a dismissal.
4.3 of the customer sending spam e-mails for the purposes of 2.4, may terminate the provider's mailboxes on the mail server temporarily.
3.5 If specified in spam mails according to 2.4, a web address or link that is maintained by the provider, the provider may terminate the Domain or the content temporarily.
3.6 The Provider may by any objective criteria which are addressed to its customer e-mails rejected if facts justify the assumption that an e-mail malware (viruses, worms or Trojans, etc.), contains the sender's information incorrect or concealed, or it dealing with unsolicited commercial communications or veiled.
3.7 The wage claim of the party continues as long as from above, a revocation of a service was performed.

4. E-Mail
4.1 The supplier reserves the right to e-mails to limit the size of incoming and outgoing messages, as far as is reasonable for the customer.
4.2 The provider has the right to delete servers provided by IP e-mail messages, a) after it is retrieved by the customer, b) it has been forwarded in accordance with client instructions, c) 60 days after they were saved.

5. Liability
If the customer is an entrepreneur, a legal entity under public law or a special public asset, liability is limited except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the sum of the contractual charges payable by the customer for a period of two years prior to the paid damaging event in the context of the specific contract to the vendor.

6. Procedures for contract termination
6.1 Deletion requests for domains require the signature of the domain owner / admin C.
6.2 Should the customer not the case of termination with the cancellation of a domain can give back to the provider domain to the end of the contract and after a reasonable period to the responsible contracting authority. The provider hereby on notice that may remain in this case the customer has a payment obligation of the contracting agency.
6.3 Alternatively, the provider can delete the domain after a reasonable period of time also.
6.4 Exits of the provider or the contract because of default for good cause, may cause the provider after a reasonable period, the deletion of the affected domains, unless the customer gives instructions.

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