Questions and Answers about our SVN Hosting


What is needed SVN?

SVN is a version control system (VCS) and can manage files and directories as well as any related changes. It can manage all possible file types.
Subversion allows to restore any earlier version of a file or folder and track the changes.
Our SVN Cloud is centrally available over the Internet and can be read and / or written by any user with the appropriate permissions.

How can I create a local copy from svn repository?

The easiest way is to use a tool like eclipse or tortoisesvn, both available for linux and windows. Checkout a copy of a repository is created on the local hard drive.

Directly on the linux command line that goes like that:
svn checkout

How can I make a repository or parts of it accessible for others?

Depending on the management software (USVN, Redmine, Trac),  there are different possibilities. Depending on the system, the procurement authority is possible to group level can also be done on user-level.
For simplification, no matter what you should be on SVN administrative roles or groups to draw guidelines.

You can use your own domain for SVN?

Yes, its possible. Ask our support.

How safe is my SVN in

Absolutely safe!
Daily backups ensure that no data gets lost, there will be a hardware defect. Each svn server runs in a separate container and is protected from unauthorized accessed.

How can I backup and restore an SVN repository?

Here you will find instructions how to download a SVN backup.
Another way to backup SVN servers is described here: how to backup and restore a SVN Server.