Free Redmine Hosting with SVN and Git

Ability to use SVN & Git Hosting is included

You dont need your own Redmine instance?
Just use our free Redmine Hosting with svn integration.
This free hosting type offers not the complete of our dedicated hosting solution, but its quite enough to start in project management.
After instant account creation you can directly login and start create project, tickets and repositories.

But we reserve the right to close the account if:

  • more than 50MB SVN storage use per project
  • more than 5 projects per account
  • violations of applicable law or good morals

To our free Redmine Hosting account creation, or here, to our free Redmine Hosting Login, if you already own an account.

You are interested for a public demo of dedicated Redmine Hosting?

Click here for dedicated Redmine Hosting online Demo.

Or want to try your own and personal Redmine Hosting?

Click here for Select Your Personal Redmine Hosting Trial.

Most read Redmine Hosting FAQ Articles


How to Receive Emails with Redmine?

Use our easy to install Plugin "Email Fetcher" to create and manage issues in Redmine by Email.


Can I get a backup of my Redmine?

Yes - You can get your recent Redmine Hosting backup daily, weekly, hourly or when ever you need it.


Can I use my own domain with Redmine Hosting?

Yes and it's pretty easy to manage your own domain with our Redmine Hosting.