FAQ about Cloud Project Management

Questions and Answers to our Redmine Hosting


There is an online demo of Redmine?

Yes. Here you find the Redmine online Demo.

Why Redmine as a hosted solution?

The Redmine Hosting allows easy and quick entry into the project management. Because although Redmine as open source is available, the installation and operation of the software necessary is everything but easy. Our hosted Redmine represents a simple and inexpensive solution to use Redmine.

Is it possible that I get a backup of my Redmine data?

Yes that is possible.
Here you will find instructions how to download a Redmine backup.

Can also be offered publicly accessible projects?

When you create a project in Redmine, you can decide whether the project is publicly or privately.

Can i use my own domain to access Redmine host?

Yes that is possible.
Here you will find instructions how to add a Domain Alias for Redmine.

How safe are my redmine data in SaaS-Secure.com?

Absolutely safe!
Although each redmine is running on a shared server hosting, has no user at any time to access the file system or database. The access to the server file system is through ssh, but this in a chrooted environment.
That means, the user can not leave his assigned area.

How can i pick up emails from redmine automatically?

For this we offer a plugin, which you can easily install via the customer center. (Customer Center)
With this plugin, you can specify as many email accounts you like, from which emails are to be read and converted into tickets.

We currently use TRAC, can the data be imported into Redmine?

That is possible. It can be imported tickets, wikis and svn repositories.
For TRAC to Redmine migration you can ask directly our support.

How can I access the SVN repository?

Here is the description how to access the SVN repository created in Redmine.

How can I access a Git repository?

Here the description how to access a Git repository created in Redmine.

Can be used SSH keys?

In our standard Redmine Hosting plans it is not possible to use SSH Keys.

Can I use Redmine Rest API?

Yes. In all our Redmine Hosting, you have admin access and can activate the rest API.
A Brief instruction, and how to get a user key for a mobile app you see the description Redmine Hosting on your phone

Plugins can be installed in Redmine?

Yes. Plugins can easily be ordered via the customer center for installation. Here are the most requested Redmine plugins as a list to choose from.
Click here for description to install Redmine plugins.

How to fetch emails to manage issues?

All you need to do, is to install a plugin. With this plugin you can setup easily one or more mailboxes to receive and process emails by Redmine.
Click here for description to setup and manage email receiving.

Can I adjust the look and feel of Redmine?

With the Custom CSS plugin, we give you a tool to quickly and easily make optical changes to Redmine. In the same way, JavaScript code can also be implemented.
Click here for description Custom CSS Plugin.
You can easily install the plug-in via the Customer Center.

Customize the email sender in Redmine and solve the spam problem?

The right place is quickly found to change the sender for emails in Redmine.
But why do I get the emails, but not with other users?
Here is a guide on how to use the Customize Email Sender in Redmine and make sure the emails arrive with an SPF record.