SVN Hosting XS

    only 1.18€/Month
    Limited Time Offer!          

    500MB space - always expandable
    Unlimited Users
    Unlimited Repositories
    Daily Backups included
    SSL included
    Own domain can be used
    Unlimited Traffic

    SVN Hosting XS

  • SVN-Package S 2.0

    only 7.99€/Month

    3500MB memory
    Unlimited Users
    Unlimited Repositories
    Daily Backups
    SSL Encryption

    15% discount with annual payment
    Instead 7.99€/Month only 6.79€

    SVN-Package S 2.0

  • SVN-Package M 2.0

    only 17.99€/Month

    10000MB memory
    Unlimited Users
    Unlimited Repositories
    Daily Backups
    SSL Encryption included

    15% discount with annual payment
    Instead 17.99€/Month only 15.29€

    SVN-Package M 2.0

  • SVN-Package L 2.0

    only 29.99€/Month

    20000MB memory
    Unlimited Users
    Unlimited Repositories
    Daily Backups included
    SSL included

    15% discount with annual payment
    Instead 29.99€/Month only 25.49€

    SVN-Package L 2.0

Manage Your Subversion Cloud easily

Collaborative coding wins — do not sacrifice security for it!

Easily manage your Subversion repositories from anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks in the browser.
Track code commits, assign permissions, and track user activities.
All this is so simple with our Subversion Cloud.

SVN Cloud with highest Availability & Data Security

  • SVN Storage expandable check
  • Unlimited User, Repositories and Traffic check
  • Easy SVN Remote Import & Export check
  • Server location in Germany check
  • Highly Available Servers check
  • Cloud IPS Protected check
  • Daily Backups check
  • SSL Encryption check

only 7.99€/Month

Manage Cloud SVN Repositories in Your Browser

  • Create and edit SVN repositories
  • Set and remove SVN-Group permissions recursive
  • View commit history and permissions at once
  • Browse through SVN files and folders online
  • Manage users and groups

SVN Cloud Features

SVN Dump and Import

Only with our SVN Cloud it's super easy and possible to export at anytime your SVN repositories. With the SVN dump you have a backup of all your SVN data always at hand and can therefore, whenever you want, perform an import on another SVN repository.

Would you like to import an SVN dump into our Subversion hosting?

No Problem!
Only with our SVN Cloud it's super easy to perform a SVN import independently.


Daily Backups SVN

With all of our SVN Cloud solutions, a daily backup of all your data is included.
We keep SVN hosting Backups for a maximum of 7 days, then the oldest backup is deleted and replaced by a current one. Would you like to create your own backup of your SVN repositories, you can read in our HowTo SVN Repositories Backup and Restore.
It is also possible, if necessary, to download a SVN backup in the customer center.
We also offer free a final export of all hosting data when hosting been canceled.


SVN Storage

The space for data storage of our SVN Cloud is limited, but can be increased at any time. With an upgrade, you can switch directly to a larger hosting or increase in our largest SVN package directly the memory in 1000MB steps.
Should once be reached or exceeded the space limit, you get an information by email and can then raise the limit on the customer center.


SVN SSL Encryption

The included SSL encryption secures your data traffic between SVN server and client. The certificate is officially signed and meets the high requirements of a secure data transmission. Would you like to use your own certificate, please let us know easily and we set up the SVN server.


GDPR Compliant Data Security with SVN Hosting

Simply working carefree with our ready to use and secure SVN Hosting solutions.
Besides the usual encrypted SVN Hosting backups to external systems, the data are also secure against view of stranger because every SVN Hosting runs in a separate container.
We undertake to comply with your data according to the European data protection law, "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR for short).


SVN Hosting Made In Germany

We operate all our SVN Hosting systems exclusively in German data centers.
Of course this applies equally to our backup storage for continuous backup of customer data. The backups are encrypted and distributed to our backup server. Also all of these backup systems are available exclusively in German data centers.
So all your SVN Hosting data is safe and protected because we are subject and comply with the strict European and German data protection laws.

Hosting made in Germany

Free and without obligation

Our SVN Cloud can be tested for at least 10 days free of charge and without obligation. Do you wish to use the product after the test continues, you need to do nothing. The test Hosting is automatically converted to a regular hosting.

Not convinced?
Are you still not convinced, you can always end the test from the customer center and all your data will be deleted.


Any questions about Subversion Cloud?
Have a look into the SVN Hosting FAQ or just use our contact form to send your questions or wishes.

Our application on your server?

You want a local Subversion application deployment with our management console on your own local server in the office or data center.
We are happy to install a Subversion server on our system with our management console.
Just contact us to discuss setup details. And of course we can also maintain your local SVN server.


All prices are final prices and in Euro.