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Manage your projects easier by putting all related informations into one place!
Track Issues, use workflows, inspect code commits, share knowledge and informations and track user activities.
All this is so simple with our Redmine Project Management Software.

Project Management with highest Availability & Data Security

  • Attachment Storage expandable check
  • Unlimited Projects, Repositories and Traffic check
  • Installer for Plugins and Themes check
  • Server location in Germany check
  • Highly Available Servers check
  • SVN/Git Repositories check
  • Daily Backups check
  • SSL Encryption check

only €/Month
  • SALE

    Redmine Hosting XS+

    only 1.18€/Month
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    100MB Space
    2 Redmine users included
    Unlimited number of projects
    SSL encryption (HTTPS) included
    SVN / Git Repositories included
    Daily backups included
    Redmine updates included

    Redmine Hosting XS+

  • Redmine Hosting Team

    only 9.99€/Month

    5000MB Space
    10 Redmine users included.
    Unlimited number of projects
    SSL encryption (HTTPS) included
    SVN / Git Repositories included
    Daily backups included
    Redmine updates included

    15% discount with annual payment
    Instead 9.99€/Month only 8.49€

    Redmine Hosting Team

  • Redmine Hosting Pro

    only 28.99€/Month

    10.000MB Space
    30 Redmine users included.
    Unlimited number of projects
    SSL encryption (HTTPS) included
    SVN / Git Repositories included
    Daily backups included
    Redmine updates included

    15% discount with annual payment
    Instead 28.99€/Month only 24.64€

    Redmine Hosting Pro

  • Redmine Hosting Enterprise

    only 54.99€/Month

    30.000MB Space
    75 Redmine users included.
    Unlimited number of projects.
    SSL encryption (HTTPS) included.
    SVN and Git repositories.
    Daily backups included.
    Redmine updates included.
    Space and User expandable

    15% discount with annual payment
    Instead 54.99€/Month only 46.74€

    Redmine Hosting Enterprise

Configure and Manage Redmine with just a few Clicks

First class Redmine Hosting - turnkey solution installed on optimally tuned servers and operated exclusively in ISO certified German data centers.
The Redmine Project Managemant Tool is simple to use, quick and reliable, and naturally including excellent customer service if any problems arise.

Start your project management with Redmine Hosting in just 5 minutes!

Our Redmine Hosting is a super flexible web application for project management in nearly all use cases. This Bug and Task Tracking Software supports multiple projects with the option to use nested projects structure, a role based access control, flexible issue tracking system, Gantt chart and calendar, news, documents and files management, feeds and email notifications, per project wiki, per project forums, time tracking, custom fields, time-entries, multiple LDAP authentication support and many, many more.

Redmine included with SVN and Git Repository Hosting

With our hosted Redmine solution you are able to install and manage plugins with just a few clicks.

Only with us it is so easy to customize your Redmine Sofwtare to your requirements.

What do I get?

Unless special requirements are met, you will receive an e-mail with the personal access data for the turnkey hosted Redmine after ordering.
Each Redmine Hosting installation gets its own unique URL from us. With this Url the Redmine can be opened in the browser. If necessary, a separate domain can be used in addition to our URL. More informations about Domain Alias you can get here.
In the customer center, the current hosting can be extended by available options and plugins at any time. The access data to the customer center are also available shortly after the setup of your own and private Redmine by email.
If updates are available for Redmine or one of the installed plugins, they will be installed soon after successful verification.


SVN and Git Hosting Included

With our Redmine Hosting you have direct and easy the possibility to use Git and SVN in your software projects. Take advantage of the benefits of a version control system, improve the quality and traceability of changes to your source code or even to documents.

The integration of the Git and SVN version control in our Redmine is seamless and without additional expense for configuration and maintenance.
A complicated login via SSH is no longer necessary. The access permissions to the SVN and Git repositories are easily controlled through Redmine.

Redmine including SVN Hosting
Git Hosting

Structure projects

Create as many projects as you like and use the possibility of structuring. You can create projects in a tree structure and even inherit properties of a main project to subprojects.

Nested project structures

Roles and permissions

Manage role-based permissions. Each Redmine user is assigned to a role in a project. In Redmine Administration you determine which authorizations have a role.

Roles and permissions in project management

Gantt & Calendar

Make timetables visible using Gantt charts. Milestones, the individual tasks and who is responsible for them are thus transparent at a glance.

Gantt charts for projects and tasks

Documents and files

Store documents centrally where you need them. Files that belong to a project as well as files that only serve specific tasks are always at hand.

Files and attachments to the project

Data Security & Redmine Hosting

With your Redmine hosted on our servers you are on the safe side. We protect your data according to the current state of the art and of course according to the requirements of the GDPR.
We guarantee that all your data is stored securely in data centers in Germany.
Organize your projects and tasks worry-free online with our Redmine Hosting. SSL encryption is included with us, so you can always communicate securely with our hosted Redmine. Likewise, the daily backups are encrypted and stored on external systems.


Start your free Trial

Our project management tool - Redmine can be tested free of charge and without obligation. If you want to use the product after the test, you do not need to do anything, because the test hosting is automatically converted into a regular hosting. You will receive an invoice that you can easily pay within the next few days via PayPal or credit card. The possibility of SEPA transfer is also available.
So you can continue to work directly with the hosting. Deactivation of the Redmine hosting until your payment is not made.

Not convinced?
If we were not able to convince you of our product and service, you can terminate the test at any time via the Customer Center and all your data will be deleted.


Redmine on your server?

We know that Redmine's local application deployment on your own local office or data center server is popular for a variety of reasons.
For this reason, we can also install Redmine on your local server.
Just contact us to discuss setup details. The maintenance of your local Redmine is possible with us.


Also available - Free SaaS Redmine for very small or short term project.

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Any questions for Redmine Hosting?
Have a look into the Redmine Hosting FAQ or just use our contact form to send your questions or wishes.

All prices are final prices and in Euro.