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Project management with integrated SVN and Git

Discover the ultimate solution for your project management!
With our Redmine hosting you not only get a powerful platform for organizing your projects, but also integrated SVN and Git hosting. Experience seamless versioning and shared development environments for maximum efficiency.
With full control over access permissions, you define exactly who can access which repositories and easily manage permissions for your team. Security and data protection are our top priority so that you can fully concentrate on your project.

Redmine inklusive SVN Hosting
Redmine inklusive Git Hosting

Start now and take your projects to the next level!

Manage Issues & Workflows easily

Start into better Project Management with Redmine Hosting!

Manage your projects easier by putting all related informations into one place!
Track Issues, use workflows, inspect code commits, share knowledge and informations and track user activities.
All this is so simple with our Redmine Project Management Software.

Project Management with highest Availability & Data Security

  • Attachment Storage expandable check
  • Unlimited Projects, Repositories and Traffic check
  • Installer for Plugins and Themes check
  • Server location in Germany check
  • Highly Available Servers check
  • SVN/Git Repositories check
  • Daily Backups check
  • SSL Encryption check

only €/Month
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    Redmine Hosting XS+

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    100MB Space
    2 Redmine users included
    Unlimited number of projects
    SSL encryption (HTTPS) included
    SVN / Git Repositories included
    Daily backups included
    Redmine updates included

    Redmine Hosting XS+

  • Redmine Hosting Team

    only 9.99€/Month

    5000MB Space
    10 Redmine users included.
    Unlimited number of projects
    SSL encryption (HTTPS) included
    SVN / Git Repositories included
    Daily backups included
    Redmine updates included

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    Redmine Hosting Team

  • Redmine Hosting Pro

    only 28.99€/Month

    10.000MB Space
    30 Redmine users included.
    Unlimited number of projects
    SSL encryption (HTTPS) included
    SVN / Git Repositories included
    Daily backups included
    Redmine updates included

    15% discount with annual payment
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    Redmine Hosting Pro

  • Redmine Hosting Enterprise

    only 54.99€/Month

    30.000MB Space
    75 Redmine users included.
    Unlimited number of projects.
    SSL encryption (HTTPS) included.
    SVN and Git repositories.
    Daily backups included.
    Redmine updates included.
    Space and User expandable

    15% discount with annual payment
    Instead 54.99€/Month only 46.74€

    Redmine Hosting Enterprise

Also available - Free Redmine hosting for very small or short-term projects.

Get your free Redmine hosting here

Tasks at a glance

The ticket tracker empowers efficient task management by facilitating assignment to responsible parties and offers high flexibility, ensuring seamless adaptation to the specific requirements of your company.

Monitor tasks (tickets).

Structuring projects

Create as many projects as you like and use the structuring option. You can create projects in a tree structure and even pass on properties of a main project to subprojects.

Nested project structures

Roles and permissions

Effortlessly assign and manage permissions based on user roles in Redmine. Define role-specific permissions with ease through the intuitive Redmine administration interface.

Roles and rights in project management


The integrated calendar enables a clear presentation of project schedules and appointments. Important appointments can be managed, meetings planned and project milestones set.

Calendar view with tasks


Make timelines visible with the help of Gantt charts. Milestones, the individual tasks and who is responsible for them are transparent at a glance.

Gantt charts for projects and tasks


The roadmap in Redmine visualizes future project goals and milestones, allowing teams to better track progress and set priorities.

Roadmap view with version

Documents and files

Store documents centrally where you need them. Files belonging to a project, as well as files that only serve specific tasks (tickets), are always at hand.

Files and attachments to the project


The integrated wiki function enables the easy creation and editing of collaborative documentation and knowledge collections within projects.

Wiki for detailed description

Compatible to smartphones

The responsive design also cuts a fine figure on the smartphone. All Redmine functions can be accessed in the smartphone browser - an additional app is no longer required.

Redmine Smartphone view

Own Domain & SSL

With our hosting you can use one or more of your own domains to access your Redmine.
Of course, you can also use your own SSL certificate for your own domain or use our Let's Encrypt service to obtain and update your own certificates.

Just use Let's Encrypt

Redmine Updates

We always try to keep Redmine up to date and install updates immediately if your configuration allows this.
In exceptional cases, installed plugins prevent an update. We would then be happy to decide together how to proceed in this case.

Redmine project management



Plugins are used to expand the platform and adapt it to individual requirements.
They add new features, improve existing ones, or enable integrations with external systems to increase Redmine's efficiency and flexibility.
We enable you to install plugins into your Redmine with just a few clicks, as we have already successfully tested many plugins.
If you have special requests, we will try to create an individual solution.



Discover the effortless way of ticket management with Redmine!
With our email to ticket feature you can convert emails directly into tickets.
Automatically create tickets from incoming emails, save valuable time and keep track of all requests.

Optimize your workflow and increase your team's efficiency with Redmine!


Grows with your needs

Ready for a scalable project management experience?
With our Redmine hosting, we offer you a flexible solution that can grow with your company. Regardless of whether you are a startup with a few employees or an established company with a large project landscape – our solution adapts to your requirements.

Maximum flexibility, minimal worries – with our solution you are always one step ahead!


Data Security & Redmine Hosting

With your Redmine hosted on our servers you are on the safe side. We protect your data according to the current state of the art and of course according to the requirements of the GDPR.
We guarantee that all your data is stored securely in data centers in Germany.
Organize your projects and tasks worry-free online with our Redmine Hosting. SSL encryption is included with us, so you can always communicate securely with our hosted Redmine. Likewise, the daily backups are encrypted and stored on external systems.


Start your free Trial

Our project management tool - Redmine can be tested free of charge and without obligation. If you want to use the product after the test, you do not need to do anything, because the test hosting is automatically converted into a regular hosting. You will receive an invoice that you can easily pay within the next few days via PayPal or credit card. The possibility of SEPA transfer is also available.
So you can continue to work directly with the hosting. Deactivation of the Redmine hosting until your payment is not made.

Not convinced?
If we were not able to convince you of our product and service, you can terminate the test at any time via the Customer Center and all your data will be deleted.


Redmine on your server?

We know that Redmine's local application deployment on your own local office or data center server is popular for a variety of reasons.
For this reason, we can also install Redmine on your local server.
Just contact us to discuss setup details. The maintenance of your local Redmine is possible with us.

Redmine Team

Redmine Pro

Storage included
You can add more space
if needed
5000MB   10000MB   30000MB
Storage expandable   by product upgrade warning   by product upgrade warning  
1000MB only EUR 1.79 / month
As an administrator,
you can configure
and use Redmine as if it
were installed on your own server.
There are no restrictions!
check   check   check

User included
You can add more user
if needed
User limit expandable   by product upgrade warning   by product upgrade warning  
only EUR 0.99 per user and month
You can create and manage
private SVN / Git Repositories
direct in Redmine.
own Domain
In addition to the standard domain,
you can use as many of your own domains as you like.
You can also install your own certificates for
your own domains or use our LetsEncrypt service.
A default certificate is installed for the standard domain.
Daily backups
> 99.9%

> 99.9%

> 99.9%
Redmine Updates 


We install plugins at your request. The setup fee per plugin is EUR 9.99.
Beliebige Plugins sind installierbar
Price and payment method

monthly 9.99 / Month
yearly 8.49 / Month

monthly 28.99 / Month
yearly 24.64 / Month

monthly 54.99 / Month
yearly 46.74 / Month
Automatic Renewal for a further term unless cancelled at least 30 days before renewal.
Instant Access to your Hosting
7-Day Free Trial. No Payment, no obligation.
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