Extend the functionality of Redmine with Plugins

Plugins allow for easy Extending Redmine with functions such as a Scrum Board.
Typically select an SSH console and basic knowledge of Ruby are important for the installation of plugins and dependencies, it is to be observed.
Not so Redmine with our hosted service. Here you have to have the ability to install pre-built plugins at your fingertips.

First you need to be logged in customer center.

From the Dashboard you select the product you will install one or more Redmine plugins.

Customer Center Dashboard

On the page of the product details in the area Redmine plugins, all already installed plugins are listed.
With the Add Plugin button, more plugins can be installed.

Redmine Plugin Install Button

The plugin list displays all installable plugins. A click on the plugin name links to the description.
Resulting setup and monthly fees are displayed on each individual plugin.
It can be selected a single plugin for installation or any number of plugins.
A click on the start button checks the entry and returns on success a job number.
The installation of the plugin will be done within the next hours. So, please be patient!

Select Redmine Plugins for Setup