The protection of your data

With our service on you enjoy the most stringent protection of the German data protection regulations. Our German laws are always the ne plus ultra in terms of privacy and data security and Moreover, we also comply with the applicable European legal requirements for data protection.
More information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Committed to protecting your data

Simply working carefree with our ready to use and secure SaaS hosting solutions. Besides the usual encrypted hosting backups to external systems, the data is safe even from the eyes of a stranger, because every hosting runs in a separate container. Direct access from one container to the data of another container is not possible and a system-wide firewall takes care of the further partitioning of hosting systems outwards.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all your data will be very well secured and stored in Germany. As our customer, you enjoy special protection in addition to the German privacy laws, which are among the strictest in the world. In addition, our technical partners are bound by contract and are also subject to the German Data Protection Act.

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we promise: All personal data is used only in so far as it is necessary for the operation of Uninvited Advertising will never receive from us and also personal information will not be disclosed to third parties. The only exception, we are legally obliged to do.

Our promise includes not only the personal and contractual data, but also everything else, which is stored in

Export of your data

Besides the possibility to download an export of your hosting data from the customer service, we offer free of charge to a final export of all hosting data when hosting was terminated.
Data export includes all about a complete working copy of hosting restore. The only exceptions are special plug-ins and software components that are only run on our systems.

Status 2015-10-15
S.Ruttloff, Computer Hard- & Software, Sven Ruttloff