List of the best known TCP / IP ports

20 ftp-data TCP/UDP File Transfer Data
21 ftp TCP/UDP File Transfer Control
22 ssh TCP SSH Remote Login Protocol
23 telnet TCP Telnet
25 smtp TCP Simpler Mail Transfer Protocol
53 domain TCP/UDP Domain Name Server
80 http TCP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
102 iso-tsap TCP/UDP X.400, ISO-TSAP Class 0
110 pop3 TCP Post Office Protocol 3
119 nntp TCP Network News Transfer Protocol
135 loc-srv/epmap TCP/UDP MS DCE RPC end-point mapper
137 netbios-ns TCP/UDP Netbios Name Service
138 netbios-dgm TCP/UDP Netbios Datagram Service
139 netbios-ssn TCP/UDP Netbios Session Service
143 imap4 TCP Interner Message Access Protocol 4
389 ldap TCP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
443 ssl TCP Hypertext Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL
445 microsoft-ds TCP/UDP Windows 2000/XP SMB
554 rtsp TCP Real Time Stream Control Protocol
636 sldap TCP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol over SSL
993 imaps TCP Internet Message Access Protocol 4 over TLS/SSL
995 pop3s TCP Post Office Protocol 3 over TLS/SSL
1214 kazaa TCP Kazaa / Morpheus
1433 ms-sql-s TCP/UDP Microsoft SQL Server
1434 ms-sql-m UDP Microsoft SQL Monitor
1755 ms-streaming TCP/UDP Microsoft Media Player
1863 msnp TCP Microsoft MSN Messenger
3112 ksysguard TCP/UDP KDE System Guard
3185 smpppd TCP/UDP SuSE Meta PPPD
4000 icq TCP/UDP ICQ/Terabase
4661 TCP eDonkey
4662 TCP eDonkey
4665 UDP eDonkey
5050 mmc TCP Multimedia Conference Control Tool
5060 sip TCP/UDP SIP
5190 aol TCP AOL Instant Messenger / Mirabilis ICQ
6346 gnutella-svc TCP Gnutella
6347 gnutella-rtr TCP Gnutella
7070 arcp TCP Realplayer Server
7071 arcp TCP Realplayer Server
Status: 2015-10-15
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