HTTP status codes with description

As a web developer you are confronted frequently with error messages from web servers.
One step further, who knows what the error means.

The HTTP status codes are divided into 5 sections.

Code area 1xx => allgemeine Informationen
Codebereich 2xx => the request of the client has been understood and executed
Code area 3xx => the client is informed that he should obtain the requested information from another URL (redirect)
Code area 4xx => the request of the client is incomplete or incorrect
Code area 5xx => error within the server

HTTP 1xx
Code Meaning Explanation
100 Continue The client has sent a request properly and should therefore continue.
101 Switching Protocols The client requires a different communication protocol. The server understood the request and agrees to the change.
HTTP 2xx
Code Meaning Explanation
200 Successful The request of the client has been successfully processed and all information sent by the server.
201 Created The client has caused the server to create a new document. In the header of the new source is named.
202 Accepted The request of the client from the server was understood and accepted but not processed.
203 Non-Authorative Information The client receives from the server information originating from a source other than the server.
204 No Content The server understood the request, but only sends the header without body to the client.
205 Reset Content The request was successful, and the client should build the document.
206 Partial Content The client has requested only a part of document in his header.
HTTP 3xx
Code Meaning Explanation
300 Multiple Choices The client has requested a resource for that several sources are possible.
301 Moved Permanently The requested resource has permanently moved to another location.
302 Moved Temporarily The requested resource has been moved just temporarily.
303 See Other The client has requested a resource that is still available from elsewhere.
304 Not Modified The requested resource has not changed since the last request.
305 Use Proxy The resource that was requested, should not be obtained from the server, but rather through a specified proxy.
307 Moved temporarily The client has requested a resource that is currently to be found elsewhere.
HTTP 4xx
Code Meaning Explanation
400 Bad Request The request of the client was not understood by the server.
401 Unauthorized The request required a user or client authentication.
402 Payment Required It was requested a paid resource. A status code for the future.
403 Forbidden The request was understood, the execution was banned from the server.
404 Not Found The requested resource was not found.
405 Method Not Allowed The method that was specified for execution is not allowed for this resource (Get or Post).
406 Not Acceptable The client has requested a resource whose format does not support it according to its own information.
407 Proxy Authentication Required The used proxy requires authentication.
408 Request Timeout The client did not send a complete request within the expected or acceptable waiting time.
409 Conflict By the status of the requested resource, the request from the server could not be executed.
410 Gone The resource is no longer available on the server and a new place is not known.
411 Length Required With the request of the client lacked the specified length (number of bytes) of the resource.
412 Precondition Failed The If conditioned client request could not be processed by the server.
413 Request Entity Too Long The resource requested by the client to the server is too large and has therefore not been processed.
414 Request-URI Too Long The URL sent by the client was so long that the server could no longer process. For example, too many Get parameters.
415 Unsupported Media Type The actual type of the resource named in the request and the type of client do not match.
416 Request range not satisfiable The area of a document requested could not be delivered by the server.
417 Expectation failed The client has an Expect header sent to the server can not fulfill.
424 Site too ugly The client has requested a document that the server does not want to deliver.

HTTP 5xx

Code Meaning Explanation
500 Internal Server Error This error is raised when an unexpected error occurred while the server is answering the request. A more detailed reason for the error is found in the server log files.
501 Not Implemented The server could not perform the client's request, because he does not support the request.
502 Bad Gateway The proxy or gateway has reported that the parent server has supplied incorrect data.
503 Service Unavailable The server is temporarily overloaded and can not handle other requests.
504 Gateway Timeout The proxy or gateway indicates the fact that the parent server did not provide any data within the expected time period.
505 HTTP Version Not Supported The requested HTTP protocol version is not supported by the server.
Status: 2015-10-15