Redmine Hosting on your Smartphone

Project management to go

It is not really necessary to mention that our Redmine Hosting can be served excellently via a browser.
But did you know that it is also possible via the smartphone?
Although you could access the Redmine with the browser of the smartphone but there are more elegant and especially on display size optimized apps.
The apps are available for both Android and iOS and can be found in their respective stores.

Android Redmine App Apple Appstore Redmine App

Enable the Redmine Rest API

Always use all apps the Redmine Rest Api to access Redmine.
To activate the rest Api, navigate in the Redmine Administration in the tab "Authentication" and then enable "Enable REST web service".

Activate Redmine Rest API

Get user API access key

Now under "My account" of the access key (user API access key) can be viewed and reset.

User Access Key view and renew