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Redmine Hosting

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Flexible Disk Space
  • Variable Number Of Users
  • Unlimited Redmine Projects
  • Unlimited SNV/Git Repositories
  • Full Administrative Permissions
  • Instant Access
  • Free Trial

Helpdesk Hosting

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Flexible Disk Space
  • Unlimited Redmine Projects
  • Variable Number Of Users
  • Unlimited Customers and Issues
  • Full Administrator Rights
  • Instant Access
  • Free Trial

SVN Hosting

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Flexible SVN Disk Storage
  • Unlimited User
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Repositories
  • Daily Backups
  • Instant Access
  • Free Trial

Data Security

Simply working carefree with our ready to use and secure SaaS Hosting solutions.
Besides the usual encrypted Hosting backups to external systems, the data are also secure against view of stranger because every Hosting runs in a separate container. Direct access from a container on the data of another container is not possible and a system-wide firewall cares about the further partitioning of Hosting-Systems outwards.


Benefits of Hosting

Our SaaS hosting saves time and money, because you have not to buy expensive hardware and install software with regularly maintenance. Maximum flexibility and cost efficiency - Choose to your requirements and budget matching duration and pay easily via PayPal or bank transfer.
We offer our hosting with various terms and provide a comfortable short notice of only 30 days to end of term. Without notice, the term will be automatically renewed.


Hosting Made In Germany

We operate all our systems exclusively in German data centers.
Of course this applies equally to our backup storage for continuous backup of customer data. The backups are encrypted and distributed to our backup server. Also all of these backup systems are available exclusively in German data centers.
So all your data is safe and protected because we are subject and comply with the strict European and German data protection laws.

Hosting made in Germany

Free Hosting Trial without obligation

All of our products you can try for free and without obligation to pay. If you wish to use the product after the trial, you need to do nothing. The trial is automatically converted to a regular hosting product.

Not convinced with our Application Hosting?
Are you still not convinced, you can always cancel the trial in the customer center and all your data will be deleted.

All Hosting
What our customers say about our Application Hosting

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4.55 150

SVN by SaaS Secure is a hassle-free product that I can totally recommend.

1  2  3  4  5

Vizoo GmbH - Reinhard Meier

We have been using SaaS Secure services for almost 2 years now. Once the initial setup of our account was completed, our experience with the team has been good. We have have hardly faced any outages, and in-case of issues we got prompt responses.

1  2  3  4  5

World Compliance Technologies - Prakash Ivaturi

I've been using for about 8 months, and the server was 100% up all the time. Also, the interface is really easy to understand, so you don't need time to learn how to use it.
I just don't give 5 stars, because since it is located only in Europe, the time spent to synchronize and commit take a little while. If possible, I would rate 4.5 stars.
Finally, I've always been treated with respect from the SaaS secure team when I needed help.

1  2  3  4  5

QA - Gabriel Marciano

It was perfect and worked like charm.

1  2  3  4  5

SHAKEN not STIRRED - André Firmenich

The product is satisfying on behalf of project management. The enhancements I would like to ask are listed below;

- When adding a new comment to an Issue if I can tag/mention people, that would be great. (This includes notification functionality as well)
- When Logging time in the Issue's Edit View it does not ask for a specific date.

1  2  3  4  5


Dear SaaS Secure team,

we would rate your

- Speed: 4/5
- (Frontend) Security: 2/5
- User interface: 2/5

We have been very happy with the UL/DL speed of your service; they are the best offered to Finland (even beats many inland services). However, data security is a great concern for us and the following suggestions should reflect that.

First we would like to see the web administration portal behind HTTPS, two-factor authentication for admin web portal login, admin password reset via email (without revealing the current password in any stage) and a reset password function offered for other SVN users through the web portal.

Second it would be nice to see a more graphical presentation (charts) of the SVN repositories, their use and statistics within a certain period. For example a pie chart of different repository sizes of the total SVN memory or a column chart of number of commits for the past 1 week (2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year) would quickly give the admin an overview.

Thank you for the great service so far!

Janne Mustonen
Virtual Frontiers Oy

1  2  3  4  5

Virtual Frontiers Oy - Janne Mustonen

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