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Redmine included with SVN and Git Repository Hosting Redmine Hosting by is a turnkey solution installed on optimally tuned servers and operated exclusively in ISO certified German data centers.
SaaS Hosting Solutions are simple to use, powerful and reliable and naturally including excellent customer service if questions or a problem arise.

It's so easy to manage projects

Our hosted Redmine is a super flexible web application for project management, bug and time tracking and much more for nearly all use cases. It supports multiple projects with the option to use nested project structure, a role based access control, workflows, wikis, reporting, agile project methods, multiple LDAP authentication support, SSO and much more.

Configure your Redmine online in the browser

Only with our SaaS Solution it is so easy to customize your Redmine online to your requirements.
No command line or Ruby on Rails knowledge is necessary, with our customer center you are able to manage many things by yourself.

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Redmine Hosting Enterprise

only 49.99€/Month

30.000MB Space
75 Redmine users included.
Unlimited number of projects.
SSL encryption (HTTPS) included.
SVN and Git repositories.
Daily backups included.
Redmine updates included.

15% discount with annual payment
Instead 49.99€/Month only 42.49€

Redmine Hosting Enterprise

Redmine Hosting Pro

only 19.99€/Month

10.000MB Space
30 Redmine users included.
Unlimited number of projects
SSL encryption (HTTPS) included
SVN / Git Repositories included
Daily backups included
Redmine updates included

15% discount with annual payment
Instead 19.99€/Month only 16.99€

Redmine Hosting Pro

Redmine Hosting Team

only 7.99€/Month

5000MB Space
10 Redmine users included.
Unlimited number of projects
SSL encryption (HTTPS) included
SVN / Git Repositories included
Daily backups included
Redmine updates included

15% discount with annual payment
Instead 7.99€/Month only 6.79€

Redmine Hosting Team

Also available - Free SaaS Redmine for very small or short term project.

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Useful things already on board

Redmine Plugin - Paste image from clipboard

Redmine Plugin - Clipboard image paste

By Redmine Plugin "clipboard image paste" images you can quickly and easily add by copying and pasting into a ticket.
Create a screenshot with a preferred tool, changing to Redmine and paste the image with [CTRL + V].
No more going through saving and uploading.

Redmine Plugin - Lightbox

Redmine Plugin - Lightbox

Surely you already know Lightbox by many other websites. Wherever presented images, this tool is used.
Now Lightbox can be used directly in Redmine. All image attachments to a ticket are listed as thumbnails and with one click a full view is possible.

This Redmine plugin you can always see all tickets attachments in view.

Redmine Plugin - Default Assignee

Redmine Plugin - Default Assignee

You know, this plugin not yet?
So far always had to be specially selected when creating a new ticket a competent user. Certainly - a small thing - but have forgotten the ticket remains without responsible users are.
This plugin now selects always the default user which is assigned to the ticket.

This Redmine plugin is extremely practical.

Redmine Plugin - Monitoring and controlling

Redmine Plugin - Monitoring & Controlling

For larger projects with hundreds or even thousands of tickets it is not easy to keep track.
The Monitoring and Controlling Plugin supports quite excellent here. It shows a graphical overview of the tickets and their status. Likewise, it indicates spent hours of each team member.

The charts created can be perfectly used for project presentation.

This Redmine Plugin is a "must have".

Installed standard themes and plugins in our Redmine Hosting

Redmine standard plugins and themes

All our hosted Redmine installations provide various pre-installed themes and plugins.
So you can quickly and easily select the optimal view and benefit from improved efficiency through the installed plugins.

Need more themes or plugins?

No problem! We install Redmine plugins on request.

Redmine Hosting is multilingual

Each Redmine Hosting user can set his own language. The following languages ​​are available:
Arabic (عربي), Bulgarian (Български), Bosanski, Català, Čeština, Danish (Dansk), Deutsch, Ελληνικά, English, English (British), Español, Euskara, Persian (پارسی), Finnish (Suomi), Français, Galego, Hebrew (עברית), Hrvatski, Magyar, Indonesia, Italiano, Japanese (日本語), 한국어(Korean), Lithuanian (lietuvių), Latvian (Latviešu), Macedonian (Македонски), Mongolian (Монгол), Nederlands, Norwegian (Norsk bokmål), Polski, Português, Português(Brasil), Română, Russian (Русский), Slovenčina, Slovenščina, Српски, Srpski, Svenska, Thai (ไทย), Türkçe, Ukrainian (Українська), Tiếng Việt, Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)


What do I get with my Redmine Hosting Order?

If with the order of Redmine Hosting any special requirements were placed (use the comments section at the end of the order process!), obtained shortly after an email with personal login to turnkey hosted Redmine.
Each Redmine Hosting installation gets its own and unique URL from us. With this URL your own Redmine Hosting can be opened in the browser. If necessary, an additional own and personal domain can be used in addition to our URL for your Redmine Hosting. More information about Domain Alias with Redmine Hosting you will find here.
At the customer center your can modify your current Redmine Hosting at any time, for example: add or remove plugins, increase space, ... The access data to customer center there are send shortly by email after the creation of your Redmine Hosting.


Hosted Redmine with SVN and Git Repositories

With our hosted Redmine you have direct and easy the possibility to use Git and SVN in your software projects. Take advantage of the benefits of a version control system, improve the quality and traceability of changes to your source code or even to documents.

The integration of the Git and SVN version control in Redmine is seamless and without additional expense for configuration and maintenance. You can create a project and with the same step Redmine creates a Git or SVN repository automatically. Access to the repository through is possible by HTTP or optional by HTTPS. A complicated login via SSH is no longer necessary. The access permissions to the SVN and Git repositories are easily controlled through Redmine.

Redmine including SVN Hosting
Git Hosting

Data Security with Hosted Redmine

Simply working carefree with our ready to use and secure Hosted Redmine solutions.
Besides the usual encrypted Hosted Redmine backups to external systems, the data are also secure against view of stranger because every Hosted Redmine runs in a separate container. Direct access from a Hosted Redmine on the data of another Hosted Redmine is not possible and a system-wide firewall cares about the further partitioning of Hosted Redmine-Systeme outwards.


SaaS Hosting Made In Germany

We operate all our SaaS Hosting systems exclusively in German data centers.
Of course this applies equally to our backup storage for continuous backup of customer data. The backups are encrypted and distributed to our backup server. Also all of these backup systems are available exclusively in German data centers.
So all your SaaS Hosting data is safe and protected because we are subject and comply with the strict European and German data protection laws.

Hosting made in Germany
Redmine Hosting
What our Customers say about Redmine Hosting

Average Customer Rating 4.5  1  2  3  4  5    

4.55 46

The product is satisfying on behalf of project management. The enhancements I would like to ask are listed below;

- When adding a new comment to an Issue if I can tag/mention people, that would be great. (This includes notification functionality as well)
- When Logging time in the Issue's Edit View it does not ask for a specific date.

1  2  3  4  5


Sometimes there are long delays or laggings, but not too often (but sometimes still)

1  2  3  4  5

Headoo - Karim Cassam

quite good.

1  2  3  4  5

Boris Gribovskiy

Free and Without Obligation

Our Redmine Hosting can be tested for 14-Days. This trial is free of charge and without obligation to continue the hosting after the trial period. If you wish to use the product after the trial period, you need nothing to do. The Redmine Hosting is automatically converted into a regular Hosting.

Not convinced with your trial of Redmine?
You can always finish and cancel the test from the customer center and all your data will be deleted.


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Most read Redmine Hosting FAQ Articles


How to Receive Emails with Redmine?

Use our easy to install Plugin "Email Fetcher" to create and manage issues in Redmine by Email.


Can I get a backup of my Redmine?

Yes - You can get your recent Redmine Hosting backup daily, weekly, hourly or when ever you need it.


Can I use my own domain with Redmine Hosting?

Yes and it's pretty easy to manage your own domain with our Redmine Hosting.

Any questions for Redmine Hosting?
Have a look into the Redmine Hosting FAQ or just use our contact form to send your questions or wishes.

All prices are final prices and in Euro.