Fetch emails to create and manage issues in Redmine

Redmine can be configured to create and manage issues email as described in http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/RedmineReceivingEmails.
But this requires access to the system command line and knowledge of shell and cron at the system.
With our easy to install plugin "Mail Fetcher" you are able to define one or more email accounts for email fetching to manage issues in our hosted Redmine. And the best, you can install it at any time in any plan of our Redmine hosting solutions.

Enable Email Fetch in Redmine

After you have started the easy installation of this plugin by our customer center and you got the confirmation it is installed, you can start to configure Redmine and the plugin to fetch emails.
First login into your Redmine and go to application settings -> Incoming emails, check Enable WS for incoming emails and enter or generate a API key.

Redmine email fetch ws enable

Configure one or more email accounts

Now go to Administration -> Fetch emails and click "Add configuration".
In the configuration form you can select type of email account, either POP or IMAP. Depending on your selection are different feature available.

Redmine email fetch plugin configuration

In section "Email attributes" you have to fill all credentials for access to the email account.
After this you can define how emails should be handeld if the email sender is unknown to Redmine. This is maybe important if Spam is reaching your Redmine!
With "default issue creation attributes" you can define what and where it should create a new issue. So you can set default Tracker, Project, Category and Priority. In field allow override you can define, what attributes can be overwritten wit email attributes.
The following attributes can be overwritten:

  • Project
  • Tracker
  • Category
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Start date
  • Due date
  • Target version
  • Estimated hours
  • Done ratio
  • <Custom field name>

Last but not least, select the Redmine project where emails should create issues if no issue id is found in email (how to refer to an issue), the fetcher will create a new ticket in Redmine in the selected project.

After you have saved the new configuration successful you can see it in the list of email configurations and test it to see if email access is okay.
If any error occur you will see a description of top of page.

Emails are now fetched every 7 minutes automatically with our online Redmine solutions

Sample: email to create a new ticket in Redmine

Problem with order button on mobile devices.
Maybe a simple CSS problem? I can't click it but nothing happens.

Tracker: Bug
Priority: Urgent

Sample: email to change status of a issue in Redmine

Problem wasn't CSS, it was a JS script error.
But it's solved now.

Status: Closed
Issue: #9876

You have a question about this plugin? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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